3 Egg Omelets

Our 3 Egg Omelets are served with your choice of toast.
For each additional Item .75¢.
Except Sausage, that's $1.50.
Add Home fries or Cheese (American or Swiss) .50¢.

    • 3 Egg Omelets

      3 Egg Omelets are what's for breakfast at The Wagon Wheel Arizona.

    • Cheese Omelet

      Side of Salsa .75¢

      No meat, no veggies, just cheese and eggs prepared omelet style. Served with your choice of Toast.
      Add a Side of Salsa for .75¢

    • Mushroom & Cheese Omelet


      Omelet or Omelette? No matter how you spell Omelet our Mushroom & Cheese Omelette is All American with fresh mushrooms and delicious cheese. Served with your choice of Toast.

    • Bacon & Cheese Omelet


      The Bacon & Cheese Omelet is filled with the two things Americans love most. Bacon and American Cheese. You can't go wrong with a Bacon and Cheese Omelet at the Wagon Wheel.

    • Ham & Cheese Omelet


      The classic Ham & Cheese Omelet. Best on the block is at the Wagon Wheel. A 3 egg omelet stuffed with American cheese and diced ham. Team it up with your favorite toast.

    • Spanish Omelet


      Delicious Spanish Omelet filled with Cheese, Green Chili, Onions and Salsa. Served with your choice of Toast.

    • Western Omelet


      3 Eggs prepared Omelet style filled with Ham, Bell Pepper and Onion. Comes with your choice of Toast.