Cold Sandwiches

Cold Sandwiches from the Wagon Wheel Restaurant.

    • Cold Sandwiches

      Cold Sandwiches are sandwiches that are not grilled or toasted. Served in their natural delicious glory.

    • Ham & Cheese


      Ham & Cheese sandwich on your choice of bread served cold with chips.

    • BLT


      BLT ... Bacon Lettuce Tomato. Truly a sandwich Icon. Give into nostalgia at the Wagon Wheel Cave Creek.

    • Stacked Ham Bun


      Stacked Ham Bun is layers of fresh sliced ham served with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

    • Tuna Salad on Toast


      Our Tuna Salad Mix served on the Toast of your choice.

    • Ham Club


      Ham Club double decker sandwich. Guaranteed to satisfy your hunger.