• Drinks

      Free Refills on Soda, Coffee and Iced Tea at Wagon Wheel Restaurant.

    • Breakfast Juice

      Small $2.00
      Large $3.00

      We have all your favorite breakfast juices including Apple, Orange, V-8, Tomato, Pink Grapefruit and Cranberry

    • Chocolate Milk

      Small $1.75
      Large $2.75

      It's not a kids party until you have Chocolate Milk!! And we have it! Do you want a small or a large?

    • Whole Milk

      Small $1.50
      Large $2.50

      Two sizes of Whole Milk glasses. Naturally Small and Large.

    • Hot Chocolate


      For kids big and small we have Hot Chocolate.

    • Hot Tea


      Hot Tea is also available. We usually have lemon and sometimes honey.

    • Lemonade


      We have Lemonade but refills are not free ... just to let you know.

    • Iced Tea


      Free Refills on Iced Tea

    • Soda


      Free Refills on Coke, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Sprite and Dr. Pepper